Our Products

Measure, analyze and optimize how your products and promotional materials appear and perform on-shelf and off-shelf in real time by leveraging our end-to-end product suite that seamlessly integrates our mobile app, fully automated image recognition engine and market insights analytics tools.

Significantly improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your category management team by instantly creating thousands of editable digital planograms leveraging store photos or retailer-provided PDFs.

Over one million SKUs digitally captured in 3D from our state-of-the-art studio. Currenct, reliable images to support all POG needs.

A valuable, cloud-based suite of planogram development tools and image repository software creating high-quality visual representation of the shelf-set with images and dimensions to-scale for manufacturers, retailers, and all OmniChannel stakeholders.

OmniPIX™ is an intuitive cloud-based Digital Asset Manager (DAM). It is a central repository for storing, managing, and accessing digital assets and the descriptive data (metadata) associated with them.

Business rules engine that extracts actionable insights from Big Data captured across various data sources. Intuitive and interactive reporting supporting consistent communication consistent communication across the enterprise.