InstaGNG, a Vision Group Company, claims world’s largest Smart Cooler technology provider with global rollout

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July 29, 2022 (Alexandria, VA)


InstaGNG, announces today a global rollout of its latest Smart Cooler technology serving the non-alcohol beverage industry.  Leveraging AI-Image Recognition and IoT technology, InstaGNG reimagines existing coolers into smart vending machines.   Recently presented during the National Automatic Merchandising Association in the Spring, InstaGNG technology creates
“Frictionless Retail” opportunities for many CPG categories enabling brands to sell anywhere anytime.  

“This cutting-edge technology has unlocked incredible potential for our global clients where vending makes up a significant portion of their business” explain Ricardo Silva, CEO InstaGNG.  “Our recent pilot showed capex reduction of 50% and operating expense reduction of 30% while increasing average items sold per transaction from 1.1 to 1.8 units.  By using standard coolers rather than expensive vending machines, our partner was able to drive a significant ROI from our solution.  Having 1.2 Million coolers currently, turning over 50,000 per year, we see great potential for this solution.” 

In addition to rolling our nearly 10,000 coolers to support non-alcoholic beverages, the company is working with alcohol, confections, pharma and dairy partners to integrate InstaGNG across their businesses.   

“We see great potential in the pharmacy area where products have restricted access to shoppers for items that are sold behind the pharmacy counter without the need for a prescription such as items containing pseudoephedrine.” Added Mr. Silva “Our technology can help retailers give more availability to these types of products while automatically tracking information needed to comply with state regulations.” 

This “Frictionless Commerce” application for AI-Image Recognition and IoT technology is the latest business within Vision Group portfolio to deliver value to the CPG industry and support Digital Transformation initiatives.


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