Bringing Big Retail Transformation to the Big Show

Make “Perfect Store” a Reality

Welcome to the bustling streets of the Big Apple, yet again.

2024 heralds a year of transformative possibilities for the global
retail ecosystem and NRF Big Show is where it all comes down.

Venture with Vision Group and Movista as we showcase cutting-edge
technology solutions that are purpose-built for Consumer Packaged Goods
(CPG) brands and retailers. The magic sauce?

AI Image Recognition, real-time retail analytics, and workforce unification
platform all working together so that you can bid farewell to the woes of
out-of-stock scenarios, unerring planogram compliance and boost store
sales. You get the gist!

So, for those who want to see what the future of a totally streamlined &
effortless retail execution looks like now’s the time to get on our calendar.


Bringing VISION to Retail @ NRF Big Show 2024

Retail Execution Solution:

Track and measure OOS situations, On-shelf available stock, Share of facing, pricing, and promotions all in one place.

Planogram Generation & Compliance:

Easy Picture to Planogram conversion. Edit, customize, and generate appealing planograms. Monitor & drive planogram compliance.

Workforce Enablement:

Unifying front-line teams across retailers, CPG & Distributors and service companies.

Advanced Analytics and BI:

Custom dashboards with real-time & powerful reporting for on-shelf stock, execution insights & competition analysis. Real-time action plans delivered to field teams.


Automated AI-powered solution for easy and super-fast on-boarding of product by creating image, product data and 3D models for Image recognition, planogram development and VR research.

Serving Top Brands Across the Globe


Vision Group Retail

Vision Group stands as a global leader in technology solutions,
specializing in state-of-the-art Image Recognition, IoT, and AI
solutions specifically tailored for CPG brands, Retailers, and
Distributors. Retailers and Distributors. Today, Vision group, works with over 200 global retail brands to digitize their physical stores, enabling comprehensive control over retail execution, enhancing in-store productivity, and significantly boosting store sales, at scale.



Movista is a global leader in retail execution and workforce management solutions. As our partners, Movista offers SaaS platform to enable collaboration between retailers, brands, service providers, and distributors.

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