Visual Category Management

High-quality product images. Compelling in-store, online, and mobile product layouts. Comprehensive data-driven commerce analytics. SMSB Consulting Group provides all of this and more to improve your sales and lower costs.

SMSB is the premiere choice for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who are seeking to source their planogram, imaging, software, category management, consulting solutions and others.


Retail Image Recognition

Maxerience provides Industry-leading AI powered image recognition solutions for retail. They deliver execution compliance and real-time actionable insights to leading FMCG companies.

Maxerience provides advanced image recognition and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that digitize physical retail environments to enable CPG brands and retailers to measure, analyze and optimize how their products and promotions perform in the marketplace.

Vision IOT

Connected Assets

Vision IoT connects retail assets, enabling CPG brands and retailers to measure, analyze, and optimize the efficiency of these assets and the representatives responsible. Their innovative IoT solutions have the ability to obtain digital insight for retailers that maximize sales and elevate the customer experience.


Socialize Instant Grab And Go

Instant Grab n Go, or InstaGnG for short, empowers sellers with new opportunities to increase sales, build customer intimacy, and reduce cost by offering consumers personalized and convenient solutions.

Using our cutting-edge Internet of Things, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, we enable unattended/self-service flexible product purchasing and replenishing. This allows CPG companies to transform coolers, freezers, cabinets, and kiosks, into an interactive, automated vending and storage solutions easily.