Vision Group Develops AI enabled Shopper Navigation Tools for OTC Market

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August 15, 2022 (Alexandria, VA)


 Today, the Vision Group is launching enhanced capabilities to its Store360 App that leverages AI-Image Recognition technology to help shoppers navigate complex and critical categories such as Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medicines.  The Store360 App now enables shoppers to quickly find the specific OTC item, within a very confusing and complicated category, by simply entering in the symptoms being treated and taking a photo of the shelf.  AI-Image Recognition capabilities digitizes the shelf and outlines where the items that address these symptoms are located on the shelf.


“This is another breakthrough use-case for the Vision Group.” Explained Chief Revenue Officer Jason DeRienzo.  “Categories such as OTC medicines are sku Intensive, confusing, and very hard for shoppers to navigate especially when they are not feeling well or are taking care of a family member and are unfamiliar with the store they are shopping.  Our Store360 app, normally used to measure planogram compliance is being re-purposed to help shoppers. Having a shopper application opens many opportunities to help bricks and mortar retailers and CPG to improve the shopping experience”


This capability is targeting OTC categories, then will roll out to other complex categories where shoppers find navigating the aisle to find the right item difficult.


“We know that the longer a shopper takes to shop, the less they buy or simply buy on price.  Our technology enables shoppers to find what they need quickly, giving back time to shop more categories in the store or trade up within the category they are shopping.” added Mr. DeRienzo


These enhancements are intended for stores such as Drug, Grocery and Mass Merchandiser stores carrying OTC products.  Future plans to roll out these enhancements across more categories and retailers are in development.



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