Vision Group Develops Autonomous Hotel Marketplace with InstaGNG Smart Shelf and Cooler Technology

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August 1, 2022 (Alexandria, VA)



Today, the Vision Group is announcing the development of an autonomous Hotel Marketplace use-case from its InstaGNG business unit.  InstaGNG leverages AI-Image Recognition and IoT technologies to deliver frictionless retail environments for the global CPG industry.  Recently announcing a global roll out of Smart Cooler technology with a global beverage manufacture, InstaGNG has applied this technology to operate an autonomous Hotel Marketplace. 



“This is another breakthrough use-case for the Vision Group.” Explained InstaGNG CEO Ricardo Silva.  “There are over 700,000 hotels globally that are looking for solutions to support guests needs for basic items, beverages, and snacks during their
stay.  However, current hotel marketplaces are hard for staff starved hotels to manage often leading to increased left or dissatisfied guests.”


Hotels offer a variety of essentials for purchase during their stay such as medicine, toiletries, and eye care items in addition to a variety of snacks and beverages.  Alcohol items are often available for sale which require an ID check.  Technology developed by InstaGNG uses cameras to capture items being purchased and AI-Image Recognition and Business Engine Rules to charge the shopper directly.  This same technology is used to support the replenishment of items being sold by creating suggested order lists for items running low on inventory.


“We know that when we remove “Friction” from the shopping occasion, such as waiting for a front desk attendant register the
sale,  we make a positive experience while increasing sales” added Mr. Silva.  “The autonomous support of replenishment is the backend benefit of our technology.  No longer do front desk personnel need to worry about making an order for the marketplace.  We talk a lot about theft in this space, however, replenishment is a big problem we solve”


Vision Group is currently in Pilot with a multinational hotel brand with plans to roll out globally in 2023.




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