Vision IoT, a Vision Group Company, launches Smart Vision AI technology Globally, Connecting Remote Assets across bricks and mortar retail

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July 18, 2022

(Chantilly, VA)


Today, Vision IoT, a Vision Group company, announced today the global launch of Smart Vision technology supported by its Harbor Platform.  This technology deploys smart cameras that are placed inside merchandising fixtures including beverage coolers, ice cream chests, and shelves, that capture real-time shelf and shopper data.  Data is pushed through Vision IoT’s Harbor Platform which collects and reports data to a central point.  CPG, Distributors and Retailers leverage this real-time asset tracking to support supply chain, asset operations, asset location and merchandising priorities remotely.


“Our recent pilot with a global ice-cream novelty manufacturer yielded incredibly accurate results above 95%.” Explained Austin Groves, CEO of Vision IoT. “The supply chain for frozen items such as ice-cream novelties is expensive, especially in convenience retailers where coolers are deployed across many locations.  Our technology is allowing our valued client and its partners the ability to prioritize items and delivery stops based on demand.  Setting up routes to deliver where the biggest orders are from day to day.  We believe this is a major efficiency unlock given today’s demand for drivers and increased gas prices.  Every delivery needs to be maximized”


Vision IoT will continue to leverage this technology to accelerate digital transformation initiatives across the CPG industry.


“We believe the CPG industry is ready to absorb and act on the big data that can be collected from the billions of shopping trips across the bricks and mortar landscape.  We are seeing Global CPG Manufacturers investing heavily in this technology because the data is clean, real-time and automated.  In addition to shopper data, we are seeing operations benefit from the data around asset effectiveness and operations where we can transmit data reporting temperature, lighting, and specific maintenance notifications to a central location.” Added Mr. Graves


Smart Vision utilizes state-of-the-art camera hardware, AI-Image Recognition and Harbor Platform technologies to deliver actionable, real-time big data to the CPG industry.


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