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Picture a world where every store, every shelf, and every product shines with flawless optimization. At Vision Group, we transform this vision into reality for leading CPG brands and Retailers across the globe.

With the fusion of Image Recognition, IOT Connectivity and Al technologies, we bring forth next-generation solutions that empower the entire retail ecosystem to seize the reins of in-store retail execution and operations like never before. The outcome? Improved store operations, increased sales, and enhanced efficiency, all on a scale that was once unimaginable.

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Transforming Retail Shelves into Digital Powerhouses

Experience the future of retail with high-definition product visuals on planograms, streamlining shelf management with a 30% time saving and 10% higher accuracy. Enhance e-commerce platforms with crisp, engaging HD images, proven to boost sales by approximately 30%. Be at the forefront of innovation with our platform that supports 3D modeling and virtual reality for cutting-edge market research.


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Crafting Your Ideal Retail Space

Our AI-driven space planning tool delivers rapid, scalable, and economical store layouts. Create data-informed, store-specific optimized planograms that adapt in real time to market trends, setting your store up for success.


Realizing the Vision of the Perfect Store

Revolutionize your store execution with our AI-powered visual recognition, cutting time spent by half and bolstering accuracy by 30%. Obtain granular, high-frequency shelf insights that translate into actionable strategies, ensuring your shelves always reflect excellence.


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Maximize Asset Returns

Leap forward with automated visual recognition, offering real-time, impactful recommendations. Slash asset-related capital expenditures by 15% and see millions in savings annually. Dramatically reduce stock shortages by 90% and enhance asset availability by 95%, providing a seamless purchase experience.


Actionable Insights for Strategic Growth

Unleash the power of Retail Intelligence, integral to our suite of solutions. Synthesize valuable insights from a myriad of data points, from market trends and outlet performance to product placement and promotional dynamics. Our ready-to-deploy BI dashboards require minimal setup and offer customization to meet your needs. Empower your outlet visits with real-time, data-driven decision-making tools. Dive deep into store-level category analysis to refine your portfolio and fine-tune pricing strategies for maximum impact.


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