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Welcome to Vision Group, a beacon of innovation in the digital transformation of the retail industry. At Vision Group, we are pioneering the future of retail with our groundbreaking AI-driven solutions that bring the digital and physical retail worlds together. Our journey began in 2014, with a clear mission to revolutionize retail through technology, and today, we stand as leaders in digitizing the retail space.

Global Footprint

Customers in 55+ Countries | Presence in 10+ Countries





Europe (Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Serbia)


Our Vision

Our vision is to create a seamless bridge between planning and execution in the
retail sector, ensuring that products, shelves, and assets are digitized in a manner  that enriches the shopper’s experience, maximizes value for brands, and drives  efficiency for retailers.

We achieve this through our proprietary AI, image recognition, and IoT-based solutions, enabling our clients to design and execute the “Perfect Store.”

Our Values

We provide access to an extensive catalog of digital twins for
products, making information readily available at your fingertips.

Our tools allow for the optimal placement of products, combining
efficiency with visual appeal to enhance the shopping experience.

Utilizing a robust IoT-based platform, we offer real-time insights from
store equipment, enabling proactive maintenance and operations.

Our AI-driven solutions ensure visual compliance and offer
instant recommendations, guaranteeing perfect store execution.

We deliver comprehensive performance reports and actionable
insights, empowering retailers to make informed decisions.

Our Impact

Since our founding, Vision Group has expanded its reach globally, serving clients in over 55 countries with our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. 

We are proud to have built
a significant presence in the CPG, pharmaceutical, and beauty sectors, providing innovative solutions to some of the world’s most beloved brands and prominent retailers.

Our Commitment

Join us on our journey to redefine retail, making it more efficient, accessible,
and enjoyable for everyone involved. At Vision Group, we’re not just imagining
the future of retail; we’re building it, one digital solution at a time.

Transforming Retail,
One Store at a Time.